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From planning to execution, we ensure your next Event, Workshop, or Retreat is a memorable experience. We take the time to find a venue, design an engaging attendee experience, and expertly manage the details needed to cultivate your next vision and bring it to life.

Elegant Table


Leadership Presentation


Tropical Retreat


Our team will provide services to plan and produce your event we assist with everything from choosing the perfect venue to designing the perfect decorations. We'll cover topics like menu planning, itinerary details and how to create a

memorable guest experience. Whether you're planning a private gathering or a large event we're here to help make your event planning journey as smooth and stress-free as possible. We work with schools,

community leaders, realtors, business owners and individuals

wishing to plan an event stress free! Schedule your free consultation today!

We are available to produce, teach and facilitate a workshop for your school, project, corporate function, or private business or family event. IIIATIYA specializes in the areas of music, mindfulness and media. We offer customized workshops for students of all ages as well as adults. A few workshop topic examples include:

vocal lessons and songwriting, creative dance, wellness training, social media, business development, and marketing.

Our retreats provide a quiet place of your choosing to escape the hectic stresses of day-to-day life. Hosted by our professionals and partnered facilitators, our retreats will be tailored to your organization's needs and will allow you to work with our staff, to design the perfect retreat for your group. Book your educational, corporate, wellness, men's, women's, couples or family retreat with us today!

Specialized Themes

IIIATIYA is available to produce, plan and facilitate your event, workshop, or retreat specific to your needs. Below are our specialized themes and areas of focus.




Music Production

Vocal Lessons

Live Shows & Events

Creative Director

Event Production



Meditative Movement 

Mindful Meditation

Restorative Dance Flow

Vocal Meditation 

Motivational Speaking

Wellness Coaching

Senior Mindfulness 



Tv/Film Writer/Production

Marketing Packages

Social Media

Project Management

Event Planning


Graphic Design

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